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Regal Knight

from by Brock's Folly



I am a regal knight on a tricycle.
I am a horse with a child who’s lazy.
I am a boat being rowed by a fish.
And I’m a man without his lady.

I am a coffee cup with apple juice.
I’m an invading horde without Romans.
I am a tree stripped of leaves in the winter.
And I’m a man without his woman.

I am a muscle car without an engine.
I am Magellan sailing a flat world.
I am a bum without whiskey on my breath.
And I’m a boy without his girl.

I am an empty rocking chair
on a porch without a view.
So now you know this is how it feels
every time I’m without you.

And so this is the point of my tune:
Just that two is better than one.
And it’s not, it’s not all that great
for a man to be alone.


from I Have Seen the End, released October 21, 2016



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Brock's Folly Dayton, Tennessee

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